​Our Dogs

​Our Training

From starting colts to fixing quirks to finishing ranch horses, Dusty is able to work with any horse. All horses are ridden out in open country learning how to carry a rider over varied terrain. They are worked in the cattle pens and out in the field to move, sort, and rodear cattle for doctoring. They’re exposed to dogs and machinery and all kinds of activities that help them handle varied environments.
            Dusty will give honest feedback on every training horse regarding the suitability of the horse to the rider and to the activities the owner wants to use the horse for. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Horses

Our Quarter Horse breeding program is based on proven bloodlines that also influence today’s modern working and competition horses. The stallions we breed are correct, good-looking and athletic, and are worked on the ranch extensively to ensure their ability and temperament.
The broodmare band is made up of proven riding mares that we have used on the ranch working cattle. They absolutely must be attractive and correct, of sound body and mind, willing and able to work hard like the American Quarter Horse should.
We produce a limited number of quality foals every year with a broad range of colors to choose from. They are ranch-raised in rough country to develop overall health, solid structure, and agility. Please visit our For Sale page to see what is currently available.

On our ranch we use border collies to work cattle on the ranch all year, in all weather conditions. These dogs are proven in body soundness, working cow-drive, and tractability by being used extensively, covering many miles of rough terrain on hundreds of cattle. They help gather and sort cows and calves, and catch and move even the most difficult bulls.
We produce one or two litters of selectly-crossed working border collies each year. Please inquire to see if we have something to meet your needs.