Along with raising and training our own string of horses, taking in outside horses is also a large part of what we do here at Running O.  Dusty focuses on natural horsemanship training techniques often used by Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, and Buck Brannaman. With this style of training, it gives the horse and rider an opportunity to learn with each other, with positive affirmation for desired behavior.


Above: Dusty helping 4-H kids lunge their horses.

Bottom Right: Dusty starting his 3 yr old stud colt

Left: T.J., Terri, Dusty, Riley, Kade

Below: Dusty Roller on his finished bridle horse, Mac.

Right: Nicole, starting her 2 year old filly.

Left: Two of Dusty's interns, Kenze and Natasha, putting the first ride on some training colts.

Below: Some of the Running O Crew at a horse sale in Billings, Montana

Dusty is also a clinician within the eastern Washington area.  He has been working with the Spokane County 4-H club for several years helping teach kids the practices of good horsemanship, riding skills, and roping.  He is currently available for clinics of all ages and skill levels.